We want to you trial for a ConnectMinds group

A group is carefully composed and has around 15 professionals with similar focus from a range of large organisations. Topics covered vary from group to group. As a member, you play an active role in shaping the agendas and facilitating the meetings.

We restrict invites to a trial meeting to only a narrow group of people we see as potential members. A trial is where you participate in 1 group meeting to see if this is the right match for you. If you decide to become a member your membership begins from that first meeting and runs for the following 12 months.

A membership includes:

  • 4 group meetings a year

  • The opportunity to suggest topics and challenges for upcoming agendas

  • Connections to all members in your group and access to a Workplace group for your group

  • You can reach out to your group leader any time

We expect that you have funds for paying for a membership when you trial a group meeting. You can pay via bank transfer or credit card online. If you have any special requirements in relation to invoice processing, just let us know. Prices are here.

We do expect your commitment to the group if you decide to join our network. Since continuity is important to build intimacy and trust.

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You can see our prices here: https://www.weconnectminds.com/options-prices/#currencies