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What we offer

Meet the right people

Are you facing growing complexity in your work?

Managers, project owners and others in leadership roles are expected to handle multiple tasks and cope with ongoing change.

ConnectMinds membership gives organisations and experts access to face-to-face idea pitching, problem solving, professional growth, inspiration and peer validation.


An international perspective

Our expert groups are designed to support you. We have grown our network since 2003 and currently operate in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and the US.

Careful group composition

A group is carefully composed and has around 15 professionals with similar focus from a range of large organisations. Topics covered vary from group to group. As a member, you play an active role in shaping the agendas and facilitating the meetings.

Facts & Figures about membership

Facts & figures

About membership

  • Start date - is the date of your first group meeting

  • Duration - runs for 12 months and can be started anytime

  • Renewal - is decided by you. We will notify you in good time before expiry.

  • Benefits

    • 3-4 full-day meetings (including preparation, moderation and follow-up)

    • The opportunity to suggest topics and challenges for upcoming agendas

    • Online forum for all group-members to post questions and share tips in between meetings

    • You can reach out to your group leader any time for questions or connections within the wider network

  • Prices & Options - you can choose SOLO or TEAM membership. See prices and countries

    • SOLO: You become a member in one of our groups

    • TEAM: Two or more colleagues become members and pay the TEAM rate for each seat in each chosen group. This can be the same group. Invoices can be addressed separately and do not have to have the same start date.

    • TEAM: If one person wishes to participate in 2 groups, you pay the TEAM rate for each seat in the respective group.

  • Payment - is simple. We email you an invoice. You can pay via bank transfer or credit card online. If you have any special requirements in relation to invoice processing, just let us know.

  • Commitment - We do expect your commitment to the group. Since continuity is important to build intimacy and trust.

  • Hosting -  an important part of the ConnectMinds experience is to visit others in their work environment. Therefore members take turn hosting the meetings.

  • Representation - You can sent an appropriate stand in. Please inform your group leader in time.

  • Changing position or company - You can transfer membership to your successor or another colleague. Just get in touch with us. 


How we work


What happens at a ConnectMinds meeting?

It's a day of collaborative learning and feedback in an environment based on trust; always face-to-face.

We typically meet mid-morning to mid-afternoon at member organisations; an important part of the ConnectMinds experience is to visit other members in their work environment.

Members take turn hosting the meetings.

We announce meeting dates several months in advance. Agenda points and any preparation are shared in good time before the meeting.

You are the expert - and the group is your stage

The agenda is developed by the group leader, but based on ongoing dialogue with the members. The group leader will suggest themes and topics based on the trends and tendencies we observe across the network.

You will be asked to contribute by suggesting topics and challenges and by sharing examples of work, insights from projects, dos and don’ts etc.

You can always discuss your ideas and how to put them to the group with your group leader.

We don't do one-way seminars or "death-by-PowerPoint"!

Every meeting is a unique experience. The format will vary depending on the chosen topics, but the sessions will always be interactive with time for focused discussion. Everyone will be encouraged to provide input and feedback.

We occasionally invite guest speakers we trust; experts who provide deeper insights into relevant topics. These will never be sales pitches or marketing presentations.

Follow up after the meeting

Shortly after each meeting, you will receive follow up notes and any shareable resources (slides, reports etc) from your group leader - as well as the invite for the next meeting.