News: Welcoming Jonathan Lewis to the ConnectMinds team


Jonathan Lewis, based in the UK, is joining our team from April this year. He has a background in digital technology, leadership, and progressive ways of bringing people together, which are some of the topics he will drive and offer  to the network.

Jonathan will focus on developing the ConnectMinds member experience; the format of our meetings , the ways we share and transfer knowledge and much more. Jon will also be leading groups in a number of locations and collaborate with the rest of the ConnectMinds team on strengthening our groups and network overall.

Our mission is to connect bright minds and build meaningful relationships. This can be done in many ways and we are continually evolving our ways of doing this. Jonathan has been part of our network for years and he has generously shared ideas and experiences; recently also thoughts about progressive ways of bringing people together, fostering environments conducive to effective learning and much more. Thus, several synergies have emerged and we have decided to work together!

“I’m honoured and excited about my future with ConnectMinds. I care a lot about the way people relate to their work and how this changes outcomes. I’m also fascinated by questions about what leadership needs to look like in the future.

The topics that have taken my interest in recent years have been self-organising teams, agile, teal/reinventing organisations, deliberately developmental organisations and collaborative communication. I have led both technical and creative projects, built a marketing team from scratch, and I have experience with community building. In my last role I led several teams on the journey into the squads, guilds, and chapters model that spotify use.

I’ll be running a series of small experiments to see what adds value for you and what doesn’t. I also recognise the danger of assuming I know what you need, that’s why I’ll be speaking to many of you reduce my level of ignorance ;-)

Please get in touch to just say hi, to give me a great idea, or to tell me about something we need to change. I’m also open to ideas to resolve Brexit as I’m based in the UK and busy stockpiling dried food 😬.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you, know the ConnectMinds team, and to learn about what we can achieve together ☺️

Connect with Jonathan: ⎮ mrjonblewis (Skype) ⎮ LinkedIn

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