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We zoom in on the employee experience in large organisations in this issue; more specifically we explore the role of digital in providing a coherent work experience -  from the perspective of our members. We will share some of the most noteworthy observations of what is actually happening on the ground. Moreover, ConnectMinds member Andrea Feldermann shares how to preserve an environment of positive experiences in difficult times.

Our team is growing! We are thrilled to welcome a sharp and creative mind onto the ConnectMinds team: Jonathan Lewis is joining us from 1. April.

ConnectMinds now, not “Boye”

Thank you for all the positive feedback in the wake of our company rebranding to ConnectMinds. We really like the new brand too.

Behind this upgraded brand and look, ConnectMinds remains the same networking company you have known as “J. Boye Group” for several years. That brand is no longer in use.

Some confusion has subsequently been caused by former employee Janus, launching competing network business using a company name (Boye & Co), close to our old brand and contacting our members and contacts, both current and former. Beware that ConnectMinds has no business relationship with this newly registered company. Your membership with us remains unchanged, and ConnectMinds remain dedicated to evolve and provide you excellent value through professional and personal networking activities.

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News: Welcoming Jonathan Lewis to the ConnectMinds team


Jonathan Lewis, based in the UK, is joining our team from April this year. He has a background in digital technology, leadership, and progressive ways of bringing people together, which are some of the topics he will drive and offer  to the network.

Jonathan will focus on developing the ConnectMinds member experience; the format of our meetings , the ways we share and transfer knowledge and much more. Jon will also be leading groups in a number of locations and collaborate with the rest of the ConnectMinds team on strengthening our groups and network overall.

Digital Employee Experience - Holistic and human-heavy approaches are emerging

By Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen


There is a growing realisation that the needs (and well-being) of employees are not being met by the fragmented setup inside most organisations; that the employee experience (EX) is both confusing and often unnecessarily (painfully!) complex. This realisation is a natural development, often spawned by the way organisations have evolved how they interact with their external customers - a more holistic approach to "customer experience" (CX). For years, organisations have been mapping out their customer journeys, identified touchpoints and pain points and optimised the experience through focusing on the "end-to-end experience". The penny is finally dropping (albeit slowly in places) that in order to provide a good CX, you need to address the equally disjointed experience of your employees.

The gradual and seemingly never-ending introduction of digital tools, services and channels into every pocket of the workplace has (despite intentions of the exact opposite) not made the workday less complex. The employee journey through the myriad of on- and offline touchpoints is becoming harder to navigate - and the map(s) are not easy to draw as the many bits of the journey are designed and controlled by different stakeholders with different directions of travel and using different references.

Meet a Bright Mind:

When the going gets tough… how to maintain a positive employee experience in difficult times

By Andrea Felderman, Philips
Member of ConnectMinds Intranet Expertengruppe Stuttgart


The factors that make for a positive employee experience are much the same elements people appreciate in their personal life: we want others to treat us with respect, accept us the way we are, honor our accomplishments, take our concerns seriously, and support our growth so we can unfold our full potential.

In Internal Communications, we utilize many tools to support a positive employee experience. However, as most companies face increasing uncertainty and change, even the right channel strategies and change management processes may not be enough.

As communicators, we can provide the often-underestimated human touch. In doing so, we can play a powerful role in helping employees move along the change curve. Here are a few seemingly simple tips that can pay off big (and backfire if disregarded).

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The ConnectMinds network is one of the best ‘working groups’ that I have ever been involved with in my career; it has allowed me to be able to stay connected with key experts (both local and international) within the ‘intranet and digital communications’ areas as I have witnessed this industry evolve into the ‘digital workplace of the future’ space. Lau truly embodies the concept of networking, both in person and virtually as he is a wealth of knowledge and relationships that span globally.

Martin Teasdale, RBC (CA), long-standing ConnectMinds Member


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