J. Boye Group becomes ConnectMinds

Hello friends. 

From today we are ConnectMinds - as that is exactly what we do! We will continue to develop our international knowledge network under this new banner. And we are building on top of a long legacy: we have been offering peer learning groups under the J. Boye name for 15 years.

We made some important organisationalchanges over the summer and we are taking this opportunity to strengthen our focus and refresh our brand. We are really excited about this development and look forward to connecting even more bright minds and great ideas across industries and geographies.


ConnectMinds - The Power of Multiple Minds

Successful business requires a strong flow of good new ideas – and the ability to put the right ideas into practice effectively.

We provide ambitious, know-how driven organizations and their key decision-makers with an effective face-to-face framework for idea pitching, problem-solving, professional growth, inspiration, and peer validation. It is all based on carefully curated, cross-organizational, multi-industry expert groups.


Why we connect minds

- Claus Hoelgaard Olsen, Managing Director

I have been practicing international management consulting for more than a decade and always searched for powerful ways to transfer knowledge between people. I entered the business of peer group networks because this format provides significant learning opportunities for the people involved; in an efficient and rich way.
J. Boye Group had a strong take on group facilitation and peer learning for years before 2016 when I acquired the company. For the past two years, we have focused our efforts entirely on delivering outstanding membership value for the people and companies we serve.
It is a fast evolving business, yet with a firm basis of face-to-face people interaction. I take great pride and joy in bringing operationally useful value to ambitious professionals and organisationsthrough facilitation offered by truly skilled people. Unlocking advanced learning; that is essentially what we do at ConnectMinds.

What does this mean for you?

If you are already a member in one of our peer groups, there really is no practical change. The learning sessions will continue as previously. Your group leader will invite you and keep you informed. You can always check the practical details for your group on our website: WeConnectMinds.com

This year our annual Boye conference was separated from the rest of our activities. The conference will continue, run by Boye & Company.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In the pursuit of simpler solutions and smarter ways of working, we still face growing complexity in the workplace. Managers, project owners, and others in leadership roles are expected to handle multiple tasks and cope with ongoing change.

Our expert groups are designed to support you. We have grown our network since 2003 and currently operate in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and the US. We work in local languages in our respective markets.

A ConnectMinds group is carefully composed and brings together professionals with similar focus from a range of organisations. Topics covered vary from group to group and we invite our members to play an active role in shaping the agendas and facilitating the meetings.

It's not rocket science. But it takes careful planning and curation. When done well, there is enormous potential in leveraging the power of multiple minds.

The Team

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