What’s top of mind for you in 2019?


Hallo Friends

We hope you’ve had a great start to the new year! This month, we’ll zoom in on a few members who made great strides in 2018 and the impact of their  accomplishments. And we will list some trends and topics we expect on the agendas at our MindMeets (our group meetings) this year.

We thank all of our members internationally - in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the US and Canada - for sharing your challenges; your experiences and ideas make this network what it is. You are minds worth connecting!

We have set a firm course for 2019

Last year J. Boye Group became ConnectMinds - and at the same time we made our value proposition more explicit towards our customers and members.

Over the years we have seen how important new ideas and their successful adoption are to your businesses. We have proven that the right personal connections between like-minded people is one of the most effective ways of achieving this. Thus, we decided to dedicate all our efforts to run a world class peer group network.

We are energized and motivated by this stronger focus - and we will make sure our members experience the benefits throughout 2019 and beyond. We chose a fitting name, a new logo and some different colours to support this change and to clearly express what we do: we connect dedicated business people in order to harness the power of multiple minds for the benefit of every member. Following our value proposition:

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Successful business requires a strong flow of good new ideas – and the ability to put the right ideas into practice effectively.

ConnectMinds provide ambitious, know-how driven organisations and their key decision-makers with an effective face-to-face framework for idea pitching, problem-solving, professional growth, inspiration, and peer validation. It is all based on carefully curated, cross-organisational, multi-industry expert groups.


Worth looking at in 2019

By Sabine Beck

Trends picture.png

When trends emerge, they are not always what you expected. And they might touch some ground you do not like that much. If you work in communications, marketing, digital, IT, HR or any related field, find out, if you discover something interesting and useful.

Seven trends in a few words to stimulate your brains

Which topics move minds and/or hearts? What is important to consider? The face-to-face talks in our ConnectMinds meetings, the discussions, and sentiments in the wider network are valuable indicators of things to come and go. Here is my take on areas to watch in 2019.

1. Data: Data-strategy and analytics become even more important - also internally

You need data to effectively manage information, content, and channels. Moreover: you need to have the skills to handle and deploy the data in a meaningful way. The area of digital analytics; how we collect, handle, measure and use data will grow in importance and relevance for all communicators and marketers. Also for Internal Comms!  A challenge worth considering: numbers are rarely the communicators’ best friend. We should work on that attitude and on how to show comms impact on business goals more clearly and often.

2. Functions, departments and hierarchies are „disrupted“. 3 Examples

Firstly: The number of „Newsrooms“ or newsroom-approaches is growing. The pursuit of good storytelling and genuine employee advocacy requires colleagues from comms, marketing, HR and sometimes other departments to exchange and collaborate.

Secondly: More cross-functional, multi-disciplinary „digital teams“ are established to better manage the (often poorly coordinated) digital transformation efforts.

Thirdly: Holocracy is emerging as a next institutional level of collaboration. Leadership is big but classical positions in hierarchy are questioned. Do we need both to work successfully?

What’s top of mind for you in 2019?
Do some or all of these topics correspond to your observations and experiences? Do you miss something essential? Share your views on LinkedIn - we are curious to know.

Meet two Bright Minds

By Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen

Profiling some of the brightest minds in 2018: Two outstanding approaches to connecting coworkers and their ideas inside the organisation

Here are two members of the ConnectMinds network who are pushing the envelope through challenging the conventions and boundaries typical of their field, pioneering new approaches to employee communications and the wider employee experience - and their roles and remits are evolving in exciting ways as a result.

Jennifer Ballantyne.jpg

Jennifer BallantyneLoblaw Companies Limited, Canada

Jennifer is Senior Manager, Internal Communications at Loblaw Companies Limited; Canada's largest retail group employing some 200.000 people. A hard comms challenge in most companies with many non-desk based / blue collar workers is  how to include them in the internal comms loop with their often restricted access to email, channels and devices. Jennifer and her team are rolling out impressive mobile solutions to pretty much every coworker across the group.

Mobile solutions for enterprises is nothing new, but the level of complexity in getting it right at this scale is mind boggling and many organisations don't manage to move beyond serving up corporate news. Loblaw coworkers can access payslips and schedules, check inventory, access live real-time support and share important updates. It has taken a huge amount of user research, listening, testing etc. The intention is that this will also be a vehicle for strengthening the already enviable company culture - and knowing the team behind, we have no doubt it will.

Hanna Rehn.jpg

Hanna Rehnström, TetraPak, Sweden

Hanna has continually promoted the importance of providing good employee tools and effective employee comms in the various posts she has held.

She has generously shared her experiences and achievements at conferences, contributed to publications and shared her ideas for the future - sometimes in their early, sketchy stages to get constructive feedback in the ConnectMinds Collaboration Nordic group.

The work of Hanna's team has won awards and Hanna has skilfully leveraged the hard-earned success and attention when arguing the case for moving employee comms and experience up the agenda. Hanna recently changed her title from "Global Communications Manager" to "Global Service Delivery Manager - Digital Workplace & Digital Employee Experience".  This marks a clear change in focus: the emphasis is now on delivering services and improved employee experiences to the business; communications is just one piece in this puzzle. Hanna's team has expanded from 4 to 20(!) - a "hybrid team" including profiles from both IT and the business.

We look forward to following the inspirational efforts of Hanna, Jennifer and their respective teams.

What You Say About Us

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ConnectMinds does what is says: It connects me with the minds of other intranet and social media managers and experts. Furthermore it is a great network for best practice sharing and getting new impulses and ideas.

Peter Heinold, Communications business partner for Siemens IT, München


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