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You are reading the first issue of ConnectMinds' newsletter. Every month we will share insights from our network – focusing on a "hot" topic currently being discussed among the members on our network. This time it is remote working.

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This month we put our minds to remote working. A topic that we the ConnectMinds team knows very well.

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Remote working is about tools and trust

By Sabine Beck


This is about collaboration, tools, and trust. In the picture you see me working in my “remote” home-office in the South of Munich. But it could have been in many other places: hotel rooms, trains, lobbies of my members’ companies or the big kitchen table of a ConnectMinds teammate in Denmark.

What makes “remote” pleasant and successful?

“Remote working” mainly means “working apart from each other” - geographically and physically. It is not only about working from an office in your home. You have to deal with time-zones, availability, technology and culture.

Our ConnectMinds team is often all over the place - could be Copenhagen, Iceland, London, Munich, New York, and Zurich, all in one week. Yet, we manage to stay in touch, to collaborate on content and to talk regularly on video-calls. Today's digital technology enables us to do so. This can be great fun - and sometimes hell! You must always be open to learn, try and trust. 

I love the gift of freedom and variety remote working presents. The crucial point to get things going and successful when you are not working in the same space with your colleagues is trust. The trust I can feel as an employee as well as the trust I have to grant others in each piece of teamwork.

What’s on my list of suggestions for remote workers?

The impulse to write about “remote” came …

Meet a bright mind

Uschi Linke, Head of Digital Knowledge & Collaboration, DHL Freight
ConnectMinds member of the “Intranet-Expertengruppe München”

Uschi Linke.jpg

With many years of working on teams spread across countries – even across time zones, Uschi Linke has extensive experience in working remotely.

How do you find "remote" working fits in the professional workplace in 2018?

I find that the most valuable achievements can’t only be developed behind closed doors any longer. Constant change and improvements are a combination of inspirations every team member gains in and outside the daily tasks, the combination of possibilities which are available in- and outside the own company, and the capabilities which are bundled in a team which is rarely located together in one room.

Which value do you get out of a ConnectMinds membership?

Main arguments are for me: Insights into online systems for subject areas that can NOT be publicly researched (eg intranets of other companies, online and digitization projects that are currently being worked on). This has made a huge difference for me compared to the time when I 'only' knew our intranet and online tools. It’s also the very open and familiar exchange with executives from other large companies, in which even critical questions and different opinions or approaches become transparent – an immense peer-to-peer learning on how others do it. Plus the ConnectMinds moderator support for each group with the selected arrangement of participants, the sharing of experience gained in other groups and the provision of a summary of key learnings after each meeting.

What is most important to your employer: the number of hours you put in or the outcome of your efforts?

By Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen

Some of Lau's "remote offices" over recent months

Some of Lau's "remote offices" over recent months

The motives that lead to the introduction of mobile or remote working practices are many and obvious. Saving desk space in pricey locations in major cities is often the first catalyst.

Reducing commuting time - which can be tiring and stressful in equal measures - frees up time that could be spent working (or re-charging). -And it adds to the green credentials of the corporation; reducing the carbon footprint, acting responsibly in relation to the environment and planning a sustainable operating model are all mantras that can be found in the CSR-sections of most corporate sites. Reducing the number of commuter-miles ticks all those boxes.

Less interference from noise and distractions in busy offices should allow more focus -(clearly, the counter-argument is that working at home means you are surrounded by "domestic distractions"...) - and more focus should increase productivity 

There are other benefits too, but the ones listed suffice here.

Further reading about Remote Working

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As a participant it was most valuable for me to be able to discuss ideas and topics with like-minded people on neutralground; free thinking within my discipline.

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